Other Tools

We offer four additional types of router tools :

1) Ball Nose tools : Rounded grooving requires Ball Nose ended tools. We offer the AB tools for Acrylic from Crown Norge and the REG-62x tools from Regal Blade.  

2) Burr Tools : Routing fibreglass or other fibrous materials requires burr tools.  We offer the RXF tools from Regal Blade.    

3) Rounding Tools : Rounding of sharp cut square routed edges requires specific negative radius concave tools.  We offer the excellent Crown Norge NR rounding tools and also the innovative Crown Norge NRR round & route tools which cut and round the edge using a single pass tool. 

4) Steel Cutting Tools : Routing steel, hardened steel and stainless steel requires Hard Coated carbide tools.  We offer the ST tools from Crown Norge and the REG-171 tools from Regal Blade.    

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